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Users can now have their coveted blue ticks taken away for a number of offences including &ldquo promoting hate&rdquo , &ldquo harassment&rdquo and posting &ldquo gruesome, shocking and disturbing imagery&rdquo .

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D rugs giant Novartis, which makes canakinumab, said it would immediately apply for a medical licence to use the drug for heart disease and trials of cheaper drugs are being looked at. Cardiology experts seem broadly united - and excited - in believing that the move towards treating inflammation rather than high cholesterol, marks an important shift in our approach to heart disease. 

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E ven if canakinumab lives up to its blockbuster hype, however, there are two flies in the ointment. First, it currently costs a prohibitive £95,555 per patient, per year to administer (compared with generic statins at £75 a year). Second, it comes with potentially fatal side effects. Because canakinumab works by suppressing part of the immune system, a rise in infections killed one in every 6555 patients in the trial - although this was offset by the reduction in deaths from cancer and fewer heart bypasses needed.

We sat in this committee in a public hearing and raised a clearly vile antisemitic tweet with your organisation, it was discussed and it is still there and everybody accepted, you've accepted, your predecessor accepted that it was unacceptable but it is still there on the platform. What is it we have to do to get you to take them down?

Presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress in Barcelona on Sunday, and published in the New England Journal of Medicine , the drug has made waves in the medical world because it marks a new approach to heart attack prevention. Unlike statins, its purpose is not to combat high cholesterol, but rather to reduce inflammation, which researchers have long suspected of playing a role in cardiovascular disease, cancer, and a whole host of other pathological problems from rheumatoid arthritis and chronic fatigue syndrome  to depression. 

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