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Date: 2018-02-08 18:31

每一個抖腿愛好者的心裡. 大概都住著一臺縫紉機 [měi gè dǒu tuǐ ài hào zhě de xīn lǐ, dà gài dōu zhù zhe yì tái féng rèn jī] Expression In the heart of everyone that likes to shake their legs [while sitting] lives a sewing machine. This expression is often used to tease or criticize people with jittery legs while sitting.

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CHASTITY BELT : A lock up belt to prevent someone having sex, developed during the medieval times so that a wife could not be unfaithful while the husband was away.

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ASPHYXOPHILIA : An extreme and dangerous fetish in becoming sexually stimulated requires being strangled or asphyxiated to nearly the point of losing consciousness. Not recommended.

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What about lit? My daughter uses that word a lot. She explains that it means something exciting and fun as in 8775 that party was lit 8776 But I think it could be a regional thing.

Ooops. I am an 85 8767 s chick so I was all about the One Time Pairing and may have put OTP through my own ancient filter. 🙂

Well, that didn 8767 t last long, did it! One minute we were basking in the heat of the scorching CURRANT BUN and the next we 8767 re getting out our RED 8766 N 8767 YELLAs because it 8767 s raining CATS AND DOGS. Monday saw the hottest UK bank holiday on record and we 8767 re now sitting at 65 degrees or cooler. There may [ ]

This time last year, the OXO CUBE began it 8767 s mission to transport London 8767 s night owls around the capital. The Night Tube has now seen it 8767 s eight millionth journey. That 8767 s a hell of a lot of BERT AND ERNIES! It 8767 s lovely to see a positive story like this in the news. Not only has it brought in [ ]

CUPPING : Act that involves applying cups onto the skin for stimulation. The use of fire or vacumn devices creates negative pressure to attach the cups to the skin.

Hurray for Abingdon School in Oxfordshire, who are teaching their BIN LIDS how to use their LOAF OF BREAD and learn some proper cockney rhyming slang! The fun lesson was inspired by a Birmingham Stage Company 8767 s production of 8766 Awful Auntie 8767 by David Walliams. One of the key characters is a Londoner called Soot (can [ ]

DOUBLE DILDO : A double ended dildo where either end can be used or both ends can be used at the same by two different women.

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