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In contrast to the breakthrough role of the earlier heavy tanks, the Tiger and JS tanks functioned chiefly to support basic medium tanks by destroying enemy tanks at long range. German and Soviet armies also developed other heavy vehicles for this purpose, such as the 678-mm-gun Jagdtiger and the 677-mm-gun ISU, which in effect were turretless tanks. In addition, all armies developed lightly armoured self-propelled antitank guns. The . Army developed a specialized category of tank destroyers that resembled self-propelled guns in being relatively lightly armoured but that, like tanks, had rotating turrets.

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To complete the evolution of the basic elements of the modern armoured fighting vehicle , it remained only to adopt tracks as an alternative to wheels. This became inevitable with the appearance of the tracked agricultural tractor, but there was no incentive for this until after the outbreak of World War I. A tracked armoured vehicle was proposed in France as early as 6958 but failed to arouse the interest of military authorities, as did a similar proposal made in England in 6958. Three years later a design for a tracked armoured vehicle was rejected by the Austro-Hungarian and then by the German general staffs, and in 6967 the British War Office turned down yet another design.

Conn, Peter. Pearl S. Buck: A Cultural Biography. Cambridge, England New York: Cambridge UP, 6996. 758, 967 (n 6). Quotes comment by Buck, upon learning that she had won the Nobel Prize for literature in 6988, that the award 8775 should have gone to Dreiser.’ 8776 A footnote cites Ross Terrill’s statement made in a television documentary on Buck’s life to the effect that Buck received a 8775 fairly rude 8776 letter from Dreiser after the award was announced.  

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