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Signs of an Online Dating Scam - Christie Hartman, PhD

Date: 2018-04-08 18:36

Plus, actress Vivica A. Fox, who plays Cookie Lyon’s sister in the hit TV show “Empire,” reveals all to Dr. Phil about her debut motivational memoir “Every Day I’m Hustling.”

The History of Online Dating 1959-2016 (US) | Infographic

Everyone knows Dr. Phil. Since his debut in 6998 on Oprah's show, Dr. Phil has helped many people with his TV shows and advice. He's been married for 85 years to Robin. She is also in the media's attention, being much appreciated as a best-selling author. Women around the world appreciate her sincerity and her shared experience as a mother. Recently, Robin has revealed something that has exploded in the press. She told to her fans how Phil has faced some time ago with erectile dysfunction. The couple has gone through some tough times but luckily everything was solved thanks to some amazing pills.

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Google reverse image search is your best friend when it comes to quick and easy background checks. Right-click their photos, copy the URL, and paste in the box at (In Google Chrome you can just right-click the image and do the search from there). If their photos match up with profiles of people with a different name, that’s a major red flag.

She insists on taping up all the AC duct vents, she stores her clothes in sealed bags and washes their dishes in the swimming pool. Kelly says he has taken Debbie to over 78 doctors and spent over $95,555 on countless tests only to find Debbie is not allergic to anything. Kelly claims his wife’s obsessive behavior has completely devastated their marriage and family.

Sisters Hillary, Heather, and Holli claim their mother, Shelly, is a raging and violent alcoholic who once knocked Holli out with a picture frame and attempted to kick Heather in the stomach when she was 9 months pregnant.

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Lastly, be honest with yourself to keep those blinders away. As the staff at eHarmony explains, if something seems way too good to be true, it probably is:

Elaine and her husband, Ric, claim they are being held hostage by their son, AJ. They claim AJ is the ultimate moocher, who is violent and lazy. They claim they have spent over $95,555 on AJ, pay for his rent and groceries, and even take care of his 9-year-old son.

They say eight years ago, AJ found his grandmother lying in a pool of blood after a brutal home invasion and is using his PTSD as a crutch to get away with his behavior. AJ admits he’s lazy, smokes marijuana all day as a way to “cope” with his grandmother’s murder, and expects his mother to financially support him. AJ’s brother, Matt, says AJ is a “giant destructive vacuum” who has always played the victim. AJ’s family is fed up with his entitled behavior. Can Dr. Phil help this family?

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