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Dano, you are welcomed! I hope some of my contribution has helped folks. I know from reading this board, there is still enormous pain as to be expected. Time does help to heal, as does understand, but also support. Many people, some you know, some you do not, pray for you and all those that suffer from this event. I also believe the lost loved ones, now in an unseen (from here) dimension but continuing a journey free from suffering, that they assist in positive ways, those that still suffer. God Bless.

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One of the interesting outcomes of this tragedy was that, nearly 85 years later, Donald St. Germain 8767 s name continues to come up due mostly in part to the near obsessive fascination with the man by Vasili. True. Just sayin.

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The wing piece, about six feet long and three feet wide, ended up slicing through the back yard and impacted a small, cinderblock wall about waist high that sectioned off her garden from the rest of the yard. The piece had to have hit that cinder block wall hard, because it broke all the way through the cinder block, and into the soil behind it.

I know this might sound a bit silly, but I have made it a habit to say a quick prayer each time I turn my car on that God will hold my vehicle in His hands and any passengers I may have. That I may not cause harm to any one and that I may not be harmed. It helps me stay focused while on the road.

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As it was pointed out in a couple of the messages here, those poor souls had to know what was happening even if it was quickly, because one female body in her backyard had very wet slacks where it was clear the poor woman had urinated in fear. Otherwise, her body had only minor scratches.

I ended up going to Southwest a couple years and then started driving truck. I moved to Oceanside in 8767 85 and lived there until 8767 98. Now I am back over in Chula and I drive my truck past there on I-855 a couple days a week on my current run, which takes me right by there on the way to National. I think about it often.

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They lived there for many years and I grew up both at that home and my own parents home on Vancouver Avenuem which is just down the street a few blocks from the crash site. My sister still owns her home on 79th Street, near Dwight, although at the moment she has it rented out. That home was renovated and recenty appraised at $975,555.

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