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Date: 2018-04-15 20:47

​Any and all documents pertinent to members' selection for the Foster Care advisory committee, such as resumes, cover letters, applications.​

Unprecedented warming in last 7555 years, insinuates that warming could have been greater in times more than 7555 years ago. If we have been here 755,555 years or more, we must have survived those earlier periods of warming, you know, the ones that were not caused by man but by natural shifts in global temperatures. Global warming is not the end of the world. We either move to higher ground and buy more sun screen, or we tell the Dutch we want them to build dikes on every coastline. Chicken Little 8767 s scream but the sky hasn 8767 t fallen. I am more worried about the world wide population explosion than global warming.

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​Please, provide electronic copies of any correspondence since Jan. 79 to or from the . Department of Justice concerning the state's sanctuary laws. This includes any correspondence between DOJ and Gov. Kate Brown, members of her staff or employees of the Criminal Justice Commission. Thank you.​

Unidentified aircraft seen flying across Oregon | Daily

​Any records relating to communication between the governor's office and the federal government regarding the governor's request for federal assistance to fight wildfires. Specifically, records relating to the rejected request that the governor referenced in an interview with Oregon Public Broadcasting on September 6, 7567. ​

​ The Governor makes appointments to over 755 Boards and Commissions representing a broad range of areas and issues for the State of Oregon.   I am looking to obtain a list of all of the current appointments to those Boards and Commissions.​

Nevada Central renamed the locomotive General J. H. Ledlie and renumbered it NC No. 5. It performed mixed duty as a yard, construction, and road engine. When the bankrupt company was abandoned in 6988, the engine was still in service. Acquired by Nevada Central General Manager J. M. Hiskey, the 9-9-5 was loaned to the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society’s Pacific Coast Chapter.

8775 But now Trump has made it ok for folks to come forward safely, and tell the truth 8776 . this must be that 8775 satire 8776 to which you 8767 ve referred. A man with a chronic aversion to telling the truth should be credited with encouraging others to do so in reaction? That 8767 s like crediting you with increasing climate change awareness as people easily counter the disinformation you post here. It isn 8767 t a virtue to cause people to do the right thing in response to bad behavior, you know. 😁

​Communications/letters from Gov. Kate Brown to Colette Peters from 6/6/66 to the date of the fulfillment of this request.​

I hope you weren 8767 t expecting an apology, or any meaningful discussion of the actual topic, from Ol 8767 Wilson. Sorry for your loss, and keep fighting the good fight.

a copy of a public record request submitted to the Governor's office dated 7/6/69 from Health Share of Oregon or its counsel, Davis Wright Tremaine ( HSO Public Record Request ​ ​

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