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Lowe's Foods Corporate Office - COHQ

Date: 2018-03-13 16:23

Ordered a bathtub and was assured delivery would be to my upstairs bath. Timing of this was crucial because of plumbers and tile installation. Day of delivery, the Lowes delivery guys said they would only do curbside and no one at Lowes would help. A cast iron tub curbside? Completely screwed up our bath remodel…and I can’t get a Lowes rep to respond to this.

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– Sent photos to my Lowes project contact showing gap between stove and countertop. She said she would check around for a possible resolution to fix the gap.

Lowes Corporate Office - COHQ

lowes store in russel ky the manager hide when I ask to talk to one of them none of the employees knew any thing about what I needed I bought interior French doors and needed the latches that go at the top of the doors iwanted to see if they could be ordered the managers names are scott and howard this store sucks theirs never any help when you need it the next time ineed something I will go to home depot.

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We wanted to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU! Our wedding was beautiful, a bride's absolute dream, all because of your hard work. My friend who is getting married soon asked me for wedding advice and I told her to choose wonderful vendors because then you do not have to worry about anything. Thank you for making our wedding perfect and for your help during this process.

I wished I purchase hard floors and dealt with termites (which I feared because I leave in FLorida) at least I know who will helps me.

I have avoided Lowes Foods for over three because of the countless bad experiences I had at the Clemmons store but thought I’d give the store another shot since it had been remodeled. Very beautiful inside. Unfortunately, same retards running the show. I won’t be back. You should make it mandatory that all new employees spend a day at Trader Joes to learn how to run a food business that proper way.

I heard someone say that when you get those…put into a new envelope and send everything back to them. They get tired of opening junk. Hate that store and will never shop for anything there again!!!!

Thank you for contacting me in regards to this issue. I apologize for any in convenience and frustration that this has caused.

I am extremely disappointed with the integrity of your advertising and your internet order process and also the manner in which my issue was handled at Customer Care. I feel that my concerns are something that you should take seriously, which I am sure that you will.

Lowe’s has had my $8K+ for the product and the installation job for
over 7 months. I expect Lowe’s to fulfill their part of the contract. I am
not trying to be difficult, but I am seriously thinking about cancelling
the order if you can’t commit to completing the job in the next week or two.

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