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Bipolar myths that need to stop | MadameNoire

Date: 2018-04-09 14:14

She 8767 s on the 8766 Red eye 8767 any time someone is sick, mourning, or suffering.
That makes her happy. It seems to thrills her. It feeds her when she can lie, back stab and ridicule sick people whenever she 8767 s so inclined. She has no conscience. She functions, eats and sleeps and lives her miserable, angry vengeful life -with no conscience. I don 8767 t feel it 8767 s an illness that can 8767 t be handled or curtailed, but rather an illness that likes things just the way they are.

Types of Bipolar | bpHope

Seeing my GP friday to see if staples are ready to come out and to switch to new medicine for high blood preasure.
My Phychirist is skyping with me as an offsite office visit to talk about changing meds.

How a Person with Bipolar Thinks - Natasha Tracy

Playing on the Fiendishly and Insanely Hard setting is so tough that a lot of people throw up their hands and quit the game.

Growing Up With a Bipolar Mother | HealDove

Of course, to simply know on a rational basis that to harm ourselves is to lay the ground work to us continuing to harm others, in and of itself, is probably not sufficient to stop and to learn to be kind to ourselves. But I think removing the justifying myth that suffering is good for the guilty or for those around them may be a help in moving away from such behaviour.

There just doesn 8767 t seem to be any progress being made of the realities of mental illness as a true disease media sensationalism certainly isn 8767 t helping by portraying only the extreme aspects of behavior blamed on mental illness.

I am sorry to hear all of this. My wife has bi polar disorder and it is really hard. It is so hard she is in school and she thinks she cant do it. keep staying in there. Have a faith system it helps ease the pain

Your remark is interesting but what I do find puzzling is the fact that you obviously took some time to read through Natasha’s blog site, found this old topic and chose to share your remark without sharing with any of us readers some of your history and background to justify your comments as others have done.

Hence why mental illness is not a stereotype of one thing. It is a whole world of health in itself because the dynamic of mental health is epic.

HI Paullett thanks for your suggestion he has owned up to his bad behaviour and has actually asked me to join him for therapy. At the moment it is quite difficult as we live in different towns. I realise that his behaviour and moods are having quite an affect on me and i do really want to help him. I am hoping that going with him to therapy will help me get my point across of the effect this is having on me and we can both find ways to deal with everything ..

So now I 8767 ve learned that while I can give it a go myself, sometimes it 8767 s best just to go see the doc and get things fast-tracked. The way I see it now is it 8767 s less about independence and more about quality of life.

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