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Date: 2018-04-13 03:20

Violence and the willingness to use it is a key part of the stereotype of masculinity we 8767 re supposed to respect the meat-eating badass who breaks heads with his bare knuckles, not the vegetarian who tries to avoid conflict in the first place. All the moments in Breaking Bad that are calculated to make us want to punch the air and shout 8775 fuck yeah 8776 involve Walt threatening horrific violence on people.

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Funny thing is, that scene where he says, I am the danger made me think that he was kind of weak and clueless. Sure, it is easy to say that to your nice, middle class wife to scare her (and make her hate you), but Walt never it in him to directly challenge anyone stronger than him. Everything was done through scheming and using others to do your dirty work.

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As a male sexual assault survivor, I have to say you did a great job with the article (and the puppy break was badly needed.) The one thing I wish you d mentioned, though, is also the avalanche of homophobic bullying that falls on men sexually assaulted by men. Because holy crap is there an avalanche of homophobic bullying that falls on male survivors who speak up. Also all the homophobic bullying from before the attack has a way of coming back to haunt us again. And then there s the sheer crappiness of being a male sexual assault survivor trying to navigate a society where nine out of ten things said by other men are either jokes or homophobic grand-standing to establish masculinity cred.

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thats cool.. I tried to talk to some people who were wearing them but we just had nothing really in the way of cross over at all.. I dislike the new show and don t watch it.. and they had never seen the old show, or if they had had seen a few random eps on netflix.

If you re seeing this as black and white, one against the other, that s something you re putting on the article, not what s written there.

When you start looking at actual behaviors, the community of 8775 being a man means you have an endless well of power and privilege 8776 is just as happy to exploit gender norms when they 8767 re convenient. It 8767 s a basic human failing, but I wish to fuck people stopped acting like feminism was a shield against basic human failings.

It s good to be skeptical of the implications of her views, but the moment you start reading too much into every sentence is the moment you re committing the same mistakes she makes.

Oh, so you re delusional. I m glad you cleared that up so we can all safely disregard your opinions as bullshit.

I don t find two studies, one from a feminist blog, very revealing, it d be like myself showing christians the error of their ways by taking them to an atheist web page. My not believing in something does not in any way, shape, or form make it not true, this absolutely correct. However, psychology is not as grounded a science as physics is for instance, so many conclusions are more up in the air and open to interpretation. So pointing to me psychological studies aren t going to prove your point. It s especially not going to prove the point that holding a damn door open for a woman is a form of oppression.

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