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Senior Dating for over 50s

Date: 2017-11-15 14:27

For a limited time we're giving away free copies of the e-book we've written for our members, 'How to Stay Safe Online'. 

Senior Casual Dating | Meet Casual Senior Encounters

If you 8767 ve signed up for Stitch then you should be able to check out the events once you 8767 ve logged in to Stitch we 8767 ll be introducing the ability to search for events near you shortly to make it even easier. Please let us know how you go!

Senior Gardening: One of the Joys of Maturity

Its taken me a year to read your Blog Andrew, and to become proactive in your site!
However, now that I am truly 8766 on board 8767 I think your concept is a great idea and very much needed.
Continued success!

Over 70 Dating | Date Over 70 Singles

Christmas is almost upon us and Mila and I can already see a sharp increase in the number of new members joining Buzz55 Dating! You probably already know that Mila and I met in late November 7566 and that one of our first meetings was at the Birmingham German Christmas Market.

I am quite fit and active for my age and would love a companion with similar interests and outlook however I am terrified of dating sites and as I live in a very small community the opportunities to meet anyone are very limited?

I think you right jamine! age does matter. people sometime don 8767 t know what I am talking about. I don 8767 t mind talking to people but they don 8767 t understand what it is to be older. For ex. They can not get their mind around that at a certain age the body slow down. The mind is will but the body is not. and there are other things too 8767 that the are not facing like the ending of your life. Why should they want to talk about a dark subject at their age. But for us it here! and it 8767 s important and it hard to find people who you can share your feeling with. Miz Kitty

Just keep looking. There are good men out there, like me. Sure a lot of us are taken, just like a lot of good women are taken. But not all. The time you spend complaining can be better used in searching.

Kevin Gillham it is good to hear there are good men out there. I am sorry that your marriage ended the way it did. Unfortunately some people don 8767 t realize when they do have a good person in their lives. I have stopped going on the online dating sites. It has been better for me because I don 8767 t need the stress or the games people play. I was diagnosed with another health issue that I have confronted and in the process have lost forty pounds and am doing really well. I know my problems were due to an abusive marriage and now I am feeling more confident about myself. God bless you. I enjoyed your feedback and hope to hear from you again. Take care, Connie

has conducted a survey on the best words to use on your dating profile if you really want to be a successful dater. Top of the list are words like love, fun, friends, laugh and family whereas you should avoid money, past, marriage, divorce and split. All to obvious you may think but may online daters simply pour out their emotions when completing their profile without understanding the real effect that their words have on their prospective dates.

Comment: Jane Stephenson 77nd June 7567: Can I use an older photo if I don't have it as my main dating profile?
Reply: Mike 78rd June 7567: I would say that one photo that is older should be ok as the profile viewer would be able to see from the other photos how you look now. If you have a chance to add a title or a comment then something like 'Me a few years ago at my mum's birthday party' would explain the use of it.
Reply: Paul Oakes 7nd July 7567: I have often seen it said that a full length photo is the best to use rather than a head and shoulders portrait. Any comments?

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