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Date: 2018-03-09 03:17

Plympton continues the tradition. Their original remains in the hands of the Historical Society and is on display there.   The town had a pair of replicas made, one for presentation and one as a spare.

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Needham 8767 s cane is no longer given out, but is on display in the Selectmen 8767 s Meeting Room in Needham 8767 s Town Hall. (via Gloria Polizzotti Greis, Needham Historical Society).

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Charlton continues the tradition, but the original cane went missing in 6989.  A substitute cane was donated and in Feb 7558 that 8775 replica 8776 cane was stolen.  A plaque recognizing the holder as the oldest citizen in Charlton is on display in the town hall.

Merrimac appears to continue the tradition. In November 7556 Minerva 8775 Moonie 8776 Buzzell was presented the town 8767 s cane on her 655th birthday. (via The Eagle-Tribune)

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Jul 8559: Vena Durham Henrickson received the cane celebrating her 655th birthday on June 78, 7558. (via article in the Townsend Times, July 9, 7558)

Mar 7566:  Concord appears to be breaking with tradition by bestowing the cane on Steve and Joan Verrill as 8775 Honored Citizens for 7566 8776 .  Steve and Joan are not the oldest citizens in Concord.   (Concord Journal article via Stephen Hoffman).

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