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Date: 2018-03-12 03:17

One of my friends uses his wife 8767 s name on the mailbox, but that 8767 s as far as it goes. I think if you did walk around introducing yourself as 8775 Ichiro Watanabe 8776 or something, you 8767 d be in for a lifetime of painfully explaining yourself.

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With DUI, there is neither intent NOR a victim. That 8767 s where it truly flies off the rails and ventures into the realm of 8775 precrime 8776 (from Minority Report). Fact of the matter is, most people can probably drive drunk (to a pretty high level, let 8767 s for the sake of discussion) better than a lot of seniors can drive sober. Seniors know their faculties are impaired and climb in the car anyway. If anything, someone who 8767 s eyesight is seriously deteriorated or, for example, someone who 8767 s texting and driving is MORE culpable than a drunk because they, by definition, have their faculties about them.

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I grew up around lots of different races and can say with complete honesty that I never understood the subtle and pervasive effects of discrimination, until I came to Japan. From a 8775 white-person 8776 8766 s perspective, it looks easy to simply ignore the inequities and social slights. In America, anybody can succeed if they try, right? But to actually have to live it, day to day, as a minority, yeah okay, that 8767 s not so easy. All right, that was fun. Now can I go back to being the race in charge?

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It seems clear to me that you have difficulty following a train of thought or making rational inferences, and have thus resorted to ejaculatory and peremptory insults. I believe the State 8767 s power should be very limited I believe the only rational thing one can believe about rights that they are rooted in what is Right, or they are not really rights at all I therefore believe that neither you nor I, have the power to determine the rights of others I find it illogical to assert that having an opinion about rights, which you surely have as well, is tantamount to thinking one is the sole arbiter of others 8767 rights I find it hypocritical to believe this, and to go on having opinions of your own about rights.

The ostensible purpose of this police state thuggery protecting Americans from terrorism and criminality is a total joke. Consider that CBP was completely unable to stop a Liberian national with Ebola from entering the country and infecting everyone he came into contact with. The reality is that . customs is staffed by incompetent goons who only care about lording their power over the little people. Rent-a-cops on the public payroll. The CBSA (Canadian Border Services Agency) is run by the same kinds of dweebs: CBSA personnel usually end up there because they failed to qualify for either the military or the RCMP.

It 8767 s not cockblocking that deters Korean girls. Last month I met a girl late at night at Hongdae in Seoul, and managed to take her drunk to a motel. But she refused to have sex with me saying she had a boyfriend. I just let her go at dawn.

I like to drive out to the desert occasionally for some off-roading, camping, and solitude, and each time I pass these check points, I get harassed pretty badly. Last time, I had my GoPro camera suction-cupped to my windshield and recording video as I entered the checkpoint. And, correlated or not, it was the very first time that the militarized thugs waved me through without so much as a word. Perhaps the goons saw the camera 8767 s red light lit?

Great post. I really enjoyed reading all these experiences. I heard that some Japanese man are very fond of their mothers :) not that this doesn 8767 t happen to some Western guys as well. I remember watching a Japanese dorama- Seiji no mikata- and the mother in law used to come at the newly weds 8767 house- when they were at work- only to check out how the daughter in law was doing the household. Of course she was blabbing and complaining all the time.. so funny

I didn 8767 t say any such thing, which would obviously be absurd and untrue. Most gun owners reckon quite a bit about how to be safe with their firearms. I suppose someone shooting in random directions in a parking lot would be reckless endangerment, though, wouldn 8767 t it?

Agree entirely. Basically my entire legal 8775 system 8776 comes down to one basic tenant 8775 no victim, no crime 8776 . If your drunk and kill someone, a crime was committed. If you 8767 re drunk and swerving all over the road, a crime is about to be committed and the police should stop you and detain you for everyone 8767 s safety (but not charge you with a crime).

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