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Asperger's Syndrome Wives Need Understanding - Blogger

Date: 2018-04-12 18:36

Healthy and fit will always be attractive, that much is true but the way your body looks as a healthy, fit woman will be unique to your body type some guys won 8767 t respond to it, some guys will think your body is ideal.

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Wow, this is great, if this is truly how men think then I am happy, very very happy, it is about time woman realize that a little fat is good, I have never been on a diet, but I must say I worried at one stage if my body was not a problem , my husband had a good looking little girl as a lover, now after this, I will be dressing up more in the dresses and shorts I like , after all who at the age of 97 is perfect and 7 children later is not funny either, anyway thank you for this artical, it is what woman need, well done!

Walsall girl with Asperger's suffers facial injuries

OK, that 8767 s your interpretation of the article. Nobody else commented that they interpreted that way. In fact, after your comments a couple of people reinforced my points. So while I do not agree that I was coddling or pandering to an imagined audience, I do write with an audience in mind. But again, I don 8767 t sugarcoat because that 8767 s harmful to our readers.

Chat for Adults with HFA and Aspergers: The Downside of

So to be clear, the only thing I would say I 8767 m advocating here is a healthy lifestyle (and a great, attractive body will be the byproduct of a healthy lifestyle.)

Why do people waste time with this shit ? I love really skinny girls OK ! Just my choice OK ! Why don 8767 t you just harass people over the colour car they bought ? They just liked it & bought it OK ! Why do you ask such questions ? Get a life & a really hot skinny girl !!!

As an average skinny guy (a cyclist, so very fit but little upper body muscle and even less body fat), I think most skinny women are unattractive. I prefer fuller women who don 8767 t look as emaciated as I do LOL.

I don 8767 t understand how describing ultra-thin girls as 8775 disgusting 8776 or 8775 nauseating 8776 is in any way helpful. It is certainly no better than applying these terms to the obese.

Everyone has their own preferences though, for me the whole 8766 Dove campaign for natural beauty 8767 is complete bs and seems like an excuse for women to let themselves go. I attend the gym regularly and I guess my IDEAL type of lady would be lean and toned. I 8767 m a legs and ass man so for me there 8767 s nothing better than a girl with long lean legs and a small firm bum. Large and flabby thighs are a huge turn off for me, as is cellulite.

I have recently realised that my partner of 9 years is Aspergers he is 55, I am exhausted low and depressed from all the problems we have had but now relieved that I am not mad, and am facing the next step, but not sure what it is. This blog has been helpful thank you

In my devotion, and your thoughts of me
As some strange oddity would be confirmed.
So, all else being equal, I&rsquo d rather stare
At the skin-flakes peeling from your nose.

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