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Serial Murder — FBI

Date: 2018-04-17 03:20

Rick Steves most exotic tour in Italy will immerse you in the distinctive culture, cuisine, and history of Sicily. On your eye-opening loop around the island, your Rick Steves guide will introduce you to the hearty welcome and home cooking of a Sicilian family farm, the steamy power of Mount Etna, Italy s brightest pottery and boldest wines, Europe s most amazing ancient Greek ruins, and slow sunsets from picture-perfect seaside villages. Join us for the Best of Sicily in 66 Days!

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all was good. virginia is definitely a keeper. did a very good job. the group was compatible and the tour was as billed. I thought the tour was well planned out, although it is really 65 days. accommodation-9 star in sickly-food and wine very good, almond cookies delicious! I would go back to sicily playing the sax was great touch.

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8776 The Symposium attendees, for their generous sharing of time and expertise in the area of serial murder. The names of these individuals are listed in Appendix C.

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"The one WOW was actually a series of three historical sites from the Phoenicians, Greeks, and Romans - the archeological dig on San Pantaleo Island, the Greek Valley of the Temples, and the Roman Villa. On the tour we tackled each in chronological order, each very unique and expansive in visual detail."

"We had many wow moments during the tour but personally the visit to Palazzo Conte Federico and Maria Grammatico s school of culinary arts were two moments that I will always remember. I speak some italian and I was able to talk to Count Federico and Maria Grammatico for 65 minutes all by myself. I feel very, very fortunate of meeting these two incredible personalities!"

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Appendix B

Serial Murder Symposium Working Group

Dr. Kristen R. Beyer
Research Coordinator, FBI

A skilled trace evidence examiner can compare the trace evidence from all of the victims in a serial murder case, in an effort to identify evidence common to all of the victims. This trace evidence will reflect a 8775 common environment 8776 with which all of the victims were in contact. This common environment will repeat in objects in the serial offender 8767 s world, such as his vehicles and/or residence. This can demonstrate that all of the victims had contact with the offender at the same location (s).

Wonderful experience with the perfect guide, a terrific group of fellow travelers, quaint hotels, the perfect mix and variety of sights, and did I forget the food and wine! We really appreciate the level of physical activity that enabled us to eat and drink to our hearts content and not gain a pound. Sicily is a special and unique place. Just prior we spent a week in Tuscany and the contrast was amazing. The mix of cultures that created the Sicily of today is evident everywhere.

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